Saving Accounts

HOPE FCU is happy to provide our members with saving accounts that increase their life quality. Once you open your first saving account with our credit union, you are more than just a member. You become a shareholder, a valued partner, and a direct beneficiary of our products and services. All you need is to complete a membership application and deposit a minimum of $30 into your savings account. Your first saving account grants you permission to start other accounts.

Reasons to start a savings account:

  • Provide for your future goals;
  • Set money aside for your children’s education;
  • Secure your financial future;
  • Prepare for unexpected expenses.

With HOPE FCU, starting a savings account means that you get the benefit of:

  • Direct deposits;
  • A reasonable minimum balance required;
  • Convenient dividend rates;
  • High-quality customer service.

Here at HOPE FCU, we care about your financial literacy, and we contribute to your education through our comprehensive financial education program. Your savings account is your first step to your economic stability.